Berlusconi: "Italy better than Britain"

The Berlusconi family-owned daily newspaper Il Giornale has launched an attack on Britain claiming that Italy is better than UK “at everything”! The paper’s editorial criticised Britain as “no longer great”.
The attack comes after the free British press apparently sided with papers such as La Repubblica in giving details of Mr Berlusconi’s presumed affairs. Mr Berlusconi also called The Guardian a ‘small provincial newspaper’ of little worth.

Italo-British asks the question: is it really all a question of one country being “better” than the other?

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One Response to Berlusconi: "Italy better than Britain"

  1. Sarah says:

    No, it is a question of a certain person trying to attract domestic glare from himself and channel it into getting cross with somebody else.He probably thought a whole country of people to get cross with would keep the Italians focused elsewhere for a good long while.I think it sort of flopped as a strategy though

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