Muse amuse and confuse!

British rock band Muse confounded Italian TV audiences on Sunday by switching places on their instruments thereby completely fooling presenter Simona Ventura as to their identities. With singer Matt Bellamy on drums, guitarist Christopher Wolstenholme on bass guitar and drummer Dominic Howard on lead vocals a lead guitar the band completed a mimed ‘playback’ performance of their new single Uprising in the popular Quelli che il calcio Sunday afternoon show.
Afterwards Ms Ventura approached Howard presuming he was the lead singer Bellamy who is married to an Italian and has home near Lake Como. Howard cooly responded to all questions pretending to be Bellamy.
Having interviewed the ‘wrong’ band member the popular celebrity ‘Super Simo’ was later ridiculed for her ‘ignorance’ of current music and as having incompetent staff on the programme who failed to inform her of her mistake, and the band’s practical joke.
Ms Ventura was judge on the first 2 editions of the Italian “X Factor” vocal talent show.

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