Hello and .. benvenuti

As a British citizen who’s been living in Italy for the best part of 23 years (almost half my life..work it out!) I feel pretty well qualified to write on and comment about Italy and all things Italian, from the language to food, from culture to politics, from travel to … well, just about anything.

I’ve seen so many changes in all this time too that it may be a surprise to find out how modern a country Italy has become. When I first used to go into a bank to change my travellers’ cheques in the 80s I was looked at like I’d just arrived from outer space. Now there are cash points on every corner and indeed Western Union offices all over.

I live in Ferrara (no, nothing to do with Ferraris) a fairly quiet ‘provincial’ city to the north-east of Bologna on the road to Venice.  I also spent 7 years in the larger city of Bologna both as a student, a teacher and in a ‘proper’ job. I have family, friends, and,miracuolusly, am still in a ‘proper job’.

So on with the show…I hope you will find something of interest here whether you’re looking for tips on what to eat, where to stay, or what to say. It’ll be a pleasure to share my experience and knowledge which will generally based on everyday events or indeed anything that comes into my head, but generally atking you away from the old ‘spaghetti and mandolins’ idea of Italy and its people.  All comments welcome!

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