New sex scandal in Italian politics

After Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s alleged sexual involvments with an underage girl and then with paid ‘escorts’, a new sex scandal has hit Italian politics this time involving a member of the leading opposition party.

Lazio Regional Council’s President Piero Marrazzo (pictured) became the centre of the scandal when three carabinieri were charged with attempted balckmailing of Mr Marazzo with video recordings of the PD member and a trans-sexual prostitute in Rome. Although he initailly denied the accusations Mr Marazzo later suspended himself from his duties as Regional President and has now claimed 30 days sick leave due to psycological and physical stress (stress psico-fisico).
As well as being the elected President of Lazio, the region of Rome, Marazzo is a well known public figure as a former TV journalist and presenter of consumer protection programme ‘Mi Manda Raitre‘. He is married with three daughters.

further reading: blogfromitaly (English)

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