Strong language from high places

The President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies Mr Gianfranco Fini has used strong language in speaking out against racists in Italy. When giving a talk in front of a group of young people in Rome on Saturday, he referred to those using racial discrimination as stronzi, a fairly strong swear word possibly never used before by a politician in public. The word stronzo literally means ‘piece of shit, turd’ with an equivalent of perhaps ‘bastard‘ in British English or ‘as*hole‘ in American English. (see Urban Dictionary).
Despite the unprecedented use of such strong language the incident went uncriticised and was reported with glee by the Italian press and TV even though Fini also criticised them for too often making immigrants seem like the only deliquents in the country. He justified his use of the word stronzi as ‘politcally uncorrect’ yet completely justified in getting the message across to youngsters.
Although a member of the traditionally right-wing Alleanza Nazionale party, with roots in the post-war fascist movements, Mr Fini has recently adopted a more liberal political stance. He remains part of Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right Popolo delle Libertà.

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