X Factor towards the final

The final of the Italian version of X Factor will take place this Wednesday with the final three contestants, Marco, Giuliano and vocal group Yavanna competing for first place and a contract with Sony. The popular talent show shown on Raidue, based on Simon Cowell’s format, has reached its third edition in Italy with a steady rise in TV audiences.
Favourite to win is 20 year old Marco Mengoni whose vocal renditions of songs such as Notorious, Ashes to Ashes, Psycho Killer as well as many classic Italian songs have allowed him to sail to the final without any trouble.  Sardinian Giuliano Rassu has also gained success with his distinctive ‘black’ gravelly vocal style which has lent itself well to songs such as Back to Black, Warwick Avenue and L’immensità. The three-sister vocal group Yavanna have often struggled to convince voters but have amazingly made it to the final. They soon abandoned their ‘fantasy’ image (complete with elf-like pointy ears) after initial performances and have vastly improved their vocal style and harmonies throughout the series without losing their ‘new-age’ style.
A win by Marco would mean the third win in a row for judge and team capitain Morgan (Marco Castoldi) in three different categories. His eccentric and often harsh approach to the contestants and his wide knowledge of music has proved not only to be a winning formula but also very popular with viewers.

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