Another sex scandal..or is it?

Another alleged sex scandal broke the news, or at least one Italian daily newspaper, last week as Il Giornale accused Alessandra Mussolini of a secret relationship with Roberto Fiore, leader of extreme right-wing group Forza Nuova, saying that it had been offered a video recording of the couple engaged in ‘hard-core’ activities.

Ms Mussolini (granddaughter of the twentieth century dictator) firmly denied the accusations and stated that Il Giornale (owned by Silvio Berlusconi’s son) was merely carrying out political manipulation, and that the news was from an unreliable source and totally unfounded. In a live television debate yesterday the 46 year old mother of three said that she had always been completely faithful to her husband. She has yet to make any legal moves towards Il Giornale and its editor in chief Vittorio Feltri.

Roberto Fiore and Alessandra Mussolini were former political allies in the far-right group called Alternativa Sociale, through which Mussolini was elected to the European Parliament in 2004. She is currently MP for Berlusconi’s Popolo delle Libertà and president of the Commissione parlamentare bicamerale per l’Infanzia a parliamentary body for the rights of children. Her latest proposal was for a law banning smoking in cars when children are present.

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