Italian firm in salary dispute

The “British jobs for British workers” slogan and ethic of last year once again rears it’s ugly head.

source: The Guardian:
British workers at a power plant project have been undercut by a subcontractor paying Italian labourers over £1,000 less on average per week than the agreed rate. A pay audit revealed that Italian firm CMN, one of the subcontractors employed by engineering firm Alstom to build a power station at Staythorpe in the east Midlands, was defying a national pay deal agreed between Unite the union and the industry. The audit, requested by unions, revealed that between April 2009 and December 2009, an average of 17 labourers a month were being paid an average of €1,300 a month less than the agreed rate.
Unite’s assistant general secretary, Les Bayliss said: “The underpayment of these workers is outrageous. We have demanded that the workers are paid back in full. Unite will not allow employers to get away with breaking agreements and underpaying its workers, regardless of nationality.”

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