Less money for the old, more for the young

Outspoken Italian government minister Renato Brunetta has announced his idea for giving young people an allowance in order to encourage them to leave home. The money required would be taken away from the old age pensions, stated the minister speaking on popular Sunday enetertainment programme Domenica In. Mr Brunetta recently began his campaign against bamboccioni or ‘big babies’, adults who prefer to stay at home and live with and off their parents rather than getting out of home and fending for themselves. He also spoke out against unions who, he said, would immediately defend the older parents rather than encourage youngsters.

Finace Minister Giulio Tremonti had already agreed to the proposal, he added.

As Ministro per la Funzione Pubblica, Public Services Minister, Brunetta is well known as for his campaign against the fannulloni, the lazy workers or skyvers and absentees employed in the Italian public sector.

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