Bologna mayor resigns

In a surprise announcement this morning the Mayor of Bologna Flavio Delbono announced he will resign form his position after the so-called ‘Cinzia-gate’ scandals involving alleged private use of public money, namely with his assistant Ms Cinzia Cracchi.
On Saturday Mr Delbono had said he would not resign from his position after an investigative interview with the police. Today however he said that he wishes to put the city of Bologna before everything else and his resignation comes to avoid any negative repercussions on the city’s reputation. The move was applauded by IDV leader Antonio di Pietro who saw Del Bono’s action as a great act of responsibility.
Mr Delbono was voted Mayor of Bologna last June by the city’s electorate under the Partito Democratico (centre-left) ticket with an overwhelming 60,67% of votes.  He has a strong academic background with studies in economics and finance, and after a Ph. D at Oxford University he became a professor of Economics at the John Hopkins University in Bologna in 1992. He has been involved with politics at a local level since 1995.
His adopted city has a strong tradition of left wing leaders and mentality, and is often called ‘Bologna la Rossa‘, not just for its characteristic red buildings.

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