Sicilian town mourns young victims

The funeral of the two sisters, Marianna & Chiara Pia Bellavia who were crushed to death when their house in Favara, Sicily collapsed on Saturday, has been held in the town near Agrigento this morning.

The poor state of the building was to blame for its imminent collapse causing the tragic death of the two sisters aged 14 and 3.  While many had blamed poor local council administration for not allowing the family adequate council housing in the town, Mayor Domenico Russello announced that he was not to blame and that his conscience was clear. He stated that the family had made one application for housing which was refused as it was not complete. While messages of condolence came from the President of the Republic and the Parliament, the Archbishop of Agrigento Francesco Montenegro had refused to celebrate the mass as a sign of protest against the disastrous conditions of much of the town’s housing.

Hundreds attended and mourned the victims both inside and outside the church. Questions are being raised publicly on issues such as poor administration in Southern regions and mafia dealings in state-financed housing and building work.

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