Listen to the radio – in Italian!

Italian radio stations are for the most part commercial stations which broadcast a series of advertisements, punctuated with the occasional record and the DJ banter which may or may not mention the name of the song and artist. The music is not important, the adverts and the chat are.
Quality radio does exist however, mostly broadcast by the RAI state radio channels, which while still depending on advertising for some of their income (there is also a TV/radio licence fee) manages to produce some interesting programmes with music at the centre.
One of these is RadioTre’s Sei Gradi, (“Six Degrees”) broadcast weekdays from 6 p.m., which links various kinds of music, artists and genres by the ‘six degrees of separation’ theory by which all people are connected.

Presenter Paola de Angelis, with her astonishing musical knowledge, takes the listener from, for example, The Police to Francesco Guccini, or from Beethoven to the Velvet Underground in six musical links offering a varied and entertaining pallet for music lovers.
Sei Gradi can be listened to live, or via the ‘listen again’ “riascolta” or podcast links on the program’s internet page. Well worth a listen both for the language and the music.

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