Morgan speaks out

Eccentric singer and performer Morgan (real name Marco Castoldi) has revealed in an interview for Max magazine how he uses cocaine daily as an ‘anti-depressive’.
The 38 year old singer, most noted for his role as judge and team leader in X Factor, tells of his use of drugs and how they help him to face everyday life, after the suicide of his father. In the interview he candidly describes how he takes crack regularly, describing himself as an ‘open and honest’ person.
Morgan also has strong words for TV celebrities such as Maria de Filippi and most people working in the TV who are only interested in “money,numbers and publicity”. He says he will return to X Factor on RaiDue only as ‘artistic director’ although knows that he will never be assigned such an important role.
Morgan will be partecipating in the Sanremo Song Festival in two weeks time with his own composition ‘La Sera’. He has already taken part in the contest twice before with his former band Blu Vertigo.

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