Cooking show host suspended

The co-presenter of the  popular cookery show La Prova del Cuoco (based on BBC format Ready, Steady, Cook) has been suspended by Italian state TV RAI after showing a recipe on how to cook cat meat.

Beppe Bigazzi (left) was immediately suspended from the show after a flood of protests from viewers as well as from the animal protection society Enpa and the Green Party. Government Health Under-Secretary Francesca Martini also expressed disgust with a reminder that animals classed as pets or ‘animali d’affezione‘ are protected under law 281 of 1991, as well as by European law.
Mr Bigazzi who has been on the popular daily show for 10 years said he had been ‘misunderstood’ and had merely wished to explain how cat meat was often prepared for a special recipe in the Valdarno area Tuscany instead of rabbit. On the live lunch-time show he had said that feline meat was much tastier than many other types of ‘white’ meat and explained how he had eaten it himself, as had many others in years past.
Enpa expressed its gratitude to in its prompt suspension of Bigazzi from television.

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