Green leader continues hunger strike

The leader of i Verdi, the Italian Green Party, Angelo Bonelli is adamant in continuing his hunger strike which he began on 28th January. Mr Bonelli is protesting against the complete lack of media attention to his party and the ecological policies they wish to bring forward in Italy and in Europe.

In an article in communist daily Il Manifesto, Bonelli says “We have appealed to everyone, press chiefs, journalists, but there is no reply. We have been completely ignored by  (state broadcaster) RAI.”  While he states that internet is their only instrument for communication, indifference is the main enemy, and it’s not a question of left or right-wing politics. “We haven’t been on Ballarò for three years”, he says of the popular politacla debate TV programme.

Representatives of over 80 comuni of the northern Pianura Padana region met during the week in order to decide on a complete traffic ban on Sunday 28th February in order to combat high levels of pollution (smog) in the area. Although the move is supported unanimously, many are sceptical about the effects on a day when much road traffic is greatly reduced anyway.

Bonelli also considers the ban as a superficial meaure and that political leaders are not dedicated to a serious green policies for the future of the country.

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