Talent shows fuel Sanremo winners

The week-long Sanremo Italian Song Festival came to a close late last night with 19-year-old Valerio Scanu (pictured) being proclaimed winner with his song “Per tutte le volte che..“. Scanu, the youngest competitor in the main category, shot to fame in 2008 after coming second in the popular Mediaset talent show Amici. He shared the podium last night with runner-up Marco Mengoli who just months ago won the third Italian edition of X Factor. The “young talent” category first prize was awarded to Tony Maello, who had also taken part in the previous edition of X Factor with moderate success.

Scanu, who had been eliminated by a live jury early on in the contest, was re-selected for the main competition and even duetted in the song with  Alessandra Amoroso who had beat him to first place in Amici.

A surprising second place in last night’s final was awarded to the oddball trio of Sanremo veteran Pupo, “Prince” Emanuele Filiberto (grandson of exiled king Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia) and opera tenor Luca Canonici with their cheesy patriotic song “Italia Amore Mio” (no translation required) which like Scanu’s entry had also been eliminated by the live jury then somehow re-admitted. The trio and the song were booed by the theatre audience yet their fortunes took a turn for the better on Friday when they dedicated their song to the Italian football team even changing the songs lyrics to incorporate the  World Cup final with coach Marcello Lippi at their side.

As well as much audience booing and whistling, musicians in the orchestra allegedly ripped up their sheet music for the song in protest.

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