Milan IKEA on strike over conditions

Workers at the IKEA DIY furniture store in Corsico near Milan were all out on a one-day strike last Friday in protest of what they claim to be “unacceptable” working conditions. The trade union Uiltucs claimed that employees at the store were often subject to unnecessary disciplinary meausres such as ‘timing how long it takes them to pee’, the use of chewing gum and further personal attacks on individual workers. Another trade union Uil claimed ‘obsessive check-ups and frequent unfounded criticisms of incompetence and lack of motivation’ by store managers. The IKEA store replied that regulations were the same in all 16 stores around Italy although admitted that single episodes at the Corsico branch had caused conflict in single isolated episodes.
A meeting between managers and unions has been called for today to discuss the situation.
IKEA opened its first Italian store in Turin in 1988, Milan in 1989 with other major centres soon following througout the country. The largest store is near Padova (Veneto) with 35,000 square metres of space. The Corsico store is the third largest in the country.

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