Ministers stay away from Bologna bomb commemoration

Today the city of Bologna holds its annual commemoration of the terrorist bomb explosion in the city’s central railway station on 2nd August 1980, which killed 85 people and injured over 200. For the first time however the ceremony will not be attended by a government minister. The only representative will be the city’s state-nominated prefetto . The refusal of the government to send a minister to the ceremony is made all the more poignant by today being the thirtieth anniversary of the bomb attack. Opposition leader Pier Luigi Bersani described the government’s decision as “unthinkable”. PdL representative Fabrizio Cicchitto stated that the government’s decision was “completely justified” in that the occasion instead of being a commemoration of victims inevitably becomes a chance to criticise and openly heckle the government. Ministers from all political sides have been subject to public heckling during the ceremony of the years in manifestations of public anger over the inverstigations which have not always been clear and open.

In July 1988, four neo-fascists received life terms for the bombing, although two years later, in July 1990, an appeals court  cancelled the convictions of the defendants Valerio Fioravanti, his wife Francesca Mambro, Massimiliano Fachini and Sergio Picciafuoco. In November 1995, the Court of Cassation (Corte di Cassazione) issued the final sentence confirming the life imprisonment of  Fioravanti and Mambro, members of the extrme right-wing group Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari (NAR) —who have always maintained their innocence—for executing the attack, although to date those directly responsible for the attack and their political motives remain unknown. (source: Wikipedia )

A plaque at Bologna station shows the names of all the victims killed in the explosion of the bomb which was left in a suitcase in the packed waiting room on the hot summer morning. A station clock has since remained still at 10.25, the time at which the bomb went off.

see also : Association for the families of victims (in Italian) for more details

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