Changing room cameras for SkyCalcio

In another effort to go one up on the competition and gain new subscriptions, satellite broadcaster SkyItalia has announced a new feature for a more “complete” football match coverage this year: cameras inside team dressing rooms. Nothing “Big Brother” about it say Sky although are confident that the gimmick will attract more subscribers to the SkyCalcio package.
The Serie A season starts this weekend with a new formula of matches spread throughout the week, not just concentrating on the traditional Sundays or Saturdays, to suit small screen viewing. Although at €29 per month it is rather more expensive than Mediaset premium’s €14 euro package, Sky’s MD Tom Mockridge says that their coverage is far superior to its competitor’s. Sky will in fact be the only channel to transmit all 380 matches all of which will be broadcast in HD, which they describe as “the new colour”.

SkyCalcio’s main presenter remains Ilaria D’Amico (left) with back-up from former Chelsea player/manager Gianluca Vialli and 1982 World Cup champion Paolo Rossi.

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