President replies to Fiat Three

In a written reply to an appeal by the three FIAT workers for the right to go back to work, the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano (pic. right) has expressed his sympathy for their cause and hopes that judicial rulings will allow a final and fair decision.

The three workers Giovani Barozzino, Marco Pignatelli and Antonio Lamorte were dimissed by their employers at the giant Melfi car manufacturing plant after allegedly disrupting the manufacturing process during trade union protests earlier this year. The three then appealed to a labour court for unfair dismissal and were told that they could return to work last Monday. FIAT however insisted that they stay at home while still receiving their salaries but when they showed up for work on Monday they were confined to a room where they were allowed to carry out only trade union affairs without actually working on production.
The three made an appeal to Napolitano yesterday and promptly received the diplomatic yet sympathetic presidential reply. Trade union FIOM-CGIL expressed their satisfaction in Napolitano’s words of solidarity. A new court hearing is scheduled for 6th October.

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