Blair interview boosts morale..for some.

An interview with former British Prime Minster Tony Blair on live TV on Sunday evening gave vital share points to the RaiTre channel..and to Silvio Berlusconi’s faltering reputation. Speaking about his book A Journey (translated into Italian as Un Viaggio, ed. Rizzoli, the conversation on chat show Che Tempo Che Fa hosted by Fabio Fazio inevitably went

Tony Blair and Fabio Fazio (picture:

towards the state of Italian politics, Blair’s affinities with the Italian centre-left and his relationship with PM Silvio Berlusconi.

“Silvio was always a good friend to our country”, said Blair, “and always did a thing he said he would”. He further added that “Silvio” was “never boring”. When asked whether he would ever become the “foreign pope” of the Italian left, which lacks any kind of charismatic leader, Blair declined the offer saying he had had quite enough of being leader of the Labour Party. His advice to his friends of the left would be to forget about the scandals and start talking politics.

The programme reached a record share of 14% during the Blair interview as Berlusconi supporters, including newspapers and TV news programmes,  gloated in the praise for their leader.

watch the interview here

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