“No profits from Italy” says FIAT chief

FIAT CEO Sergio Marchionne has declared that not one euro of FIAT’s profits come out of its Italian production plants. Speaking on weekend talk show Che Tempo Che Fa, Marchionne (pic. right) had strong words for Italian workers’ efficiency: “Without Italy, Fiat’s performance would be better” he said.

Marchionne’s controversial business tactics had already been met with protest by trade unions earlier in the year when he had announced that key plants in Termini Imerese and Pomigliano would be closed and new plants in countries such as Poland where salaries are higher and, allegedly, efficiency is improved. he has also said that FITA has nver had any incentives from the Italian government.
CGIL Union leader Guglielemo Epifani retorted that “the truth is Marchionne wants to leave Italy” stating that the fault of FIAT’s problems lies in the global economic slow-down and drastically reduced demand in the motor car market, for FIAT in particular, not in workers’ efficiency or demands.
House of Deputies leader Gianfranco Fini recalled Marchionne’s Canadian education and upbringing remarking this morning that Marchionne seemed “more Canadian than Italian” in his judgements. Left wing leader Nicky Vendola referred to the FIAT chief’s comments as “sound pollution”. “We have allowed FIAT to become a State company” he said adding that it was impossible to think of Italy as a burden with all the incentives that the Italian goverment has given to the company and consumers.

source: ansa.it

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