Berlusconi adds insult to injury

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi continued to ‘joke’ about the latest scandal concerning his involvement with a 17-year-old Moroccan girl today. Speaking at the opening of the EICMA International Motor cycle show in Milan he addressed the audience saying that he had a problem..”I have to find a job on a stand for a certain young lady called Ruby”. He added insult to injury by adding that it was “better to be beautiful girls than to be gay”, causing outcry from gay communities and many others.
The latest Berlusconi scandal came about last week after La Repubblica newspaper revealed that in May of this year he had had Ms. Karima Keyek, alias “Ruby” released from police custody, charged with theft, via a telephone call direct from his office. “Ruby” claimed she had met the PM at a dinner party, and that he had given her €7,000 and jewellery when she sat next to him at a Valentine’s Day dinner held this year for 10 women at his mansion near Milan*. She also described how such parties often resulted in alleged “bunga bunga” after dinner sex sessions involving herself and guests.
Berlusconi initially dismissed the reports as “rubbish” although later admitted that he was a man ‘of heart’ and was always willing to help out whenever he could. “I love life and I love women” he added. He continued to attack the press today in Milan.
Berlusconi’s troubles seem to be piling up like the rubbish in Naples after calls of resignation and non-confidence votes by Fini, Di Pietro and others, although the official ‘opposition’ (PD) as ever seems slow to react to continued scandals and sweeping statements. Public opinion also remains widely indifferent to the Prime Minister’s statements, which would be unheard of in any other country.


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