Queue brawl leaves passenger in coma

Despite weather conditions being relatively favourable in Italy this month, there was travel madness of a different kind at the ‘Ridolfi’ airport in Forlì yesterday.

Mr Paolo Petrozzi  was taken to hospital where he is currently in a coma after being punched in the face by Mr Gennaro Iennaco during an argument over queuing.
Both men had been waiting to board the Wizz Air flight to Katowice in Poland.
Mr Petrozzi had left the queue to go to the gents but on his return, expecting to take his old place in the the queue, an argument broke out between the two men, resulting in the violent brawl.  The offender, a 38 year old bouncer (buttafuori) from Naples is being held in police custody.

source: blitzquotidiano.it

Although Italians are notoriously bad at queuing and instinctively avoid them, if you are in a queue it is always wise to advise the person behind you that you are leaving ‘per la toilette‘ if you really are in need, and you probably be excused, and get your place back on you return.

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