PM announcement leaves Italians guessing

In a  surprise video announcement via major TV news programmes, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi candidly announced that since separating from his wife Veronica he has been enjoying a stable relationship with a woman, and it would therefore be absurd to suggest that he was involved in any illicit activities involving young prostitutes.
The announcement came after Berlusconi once more came under investigation for dealing with under-age prostitutes, in the so-called “Ruby” affair which came to light last year. Berlusconi allegedly intervened with Milan police after a Moroccan minor known as Ruby (pictured) was held in their custody, enabling her release and entrusting her to the care of one of his aides. Investigations last week accused Berlusconi of being involved in an illicit ring of prostitution together with 79-year-old journalist, news reader and friend Emilio Fede and show business impresario Lele Mora.
The identity of Berlusconi’s presumed “fiancée” is still unknown and a name has not been revealed although he had stated that the person “had always been with me” during the alleged sex-dinners and “bung bunga” parties.
When questioned on the identity of the person on live TV, Education Minster Mariastella Gelmini said she was unaware of such a person. The guessing, and unofficial bets, continue….
The “Ruby”episode is the latest in a long succession of sex scandals involving the Prime Minister, which he naturally denies and calls “mud” slung by “communist” journalists, which began with his ex-wife Veronica Lario (pic. right) declaring her distaste of his husband’s appreciation of other, usually  younger, women in particular of showgirl and future parliamentarian Mara Carfagna, in an open letter to daily La Repubblica back in January 2007. In April 2009 she published another open letter, criticising her husband for consorting with young ladies, during selection for possible European parliament candidates.

video announcement here (in Italian)

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