Unemployed contestant set for ‘Millionaire’ win

pic: tvblog.it

43 year-old unemployed housewife Michela De Paoli from Pavia looks set to win the top one million euro prize on popular “Il Milionario” quiz show on Canale5 tonight. Ms De Paoli (pictured left) has already reached the penultimate step of 300,000 euros answering all questions correctly without using any of the three “help” options.

In the likely event of winning the top prize she will be the third Italian to have done so, after the first in 2001, who won one billion lira, and a second contestant in 2004 who was the first to win a million euros.
Should she answer the final question without any ‘help’ Ms De Paoli will be the first Italian to achieve the record and only the second in the world in the history of the popular format.
Her down to earth style and nonchalant approach to even the most difficult questions has won much favour and simpatia with TV audiences and with presenter Gerry Scotti.

Questions are also inevitably raised as to how in Italy such a well educated and pleasant person could still be unemployed at 43 years old, where younger and less academically prepared women are easily employed in important jobs.

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One Response to Unemployed contestant set for ‘Millionaire’ win

  1. brit_it says:

    Note: Ms De Paoli answered the final question correctly and won the top prize. She used all three ‘help’ lifelines on that final question.

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