Milan Mayor Moratti falls for pratical joke on Twitter

The current Mayor of Milan, Letizia Moratti (pic. right), is again the subject of ridicule among Italian net-users again this week after falling for a practical joke on micro-blogging site Twitter.
User @Orghl launched a tweet directly to @LetiziaMoratti denouncing the building of an “illegal mosque” in the Milan district of Sucate, in via Giandomenico Puppa. Needless to say neither the mosque or even the district, let alone the street with such a name actually exist. Orghl’s tweet however received an almost immediate serious reply from Moratti: “there will be no mosques in Sucate!”. #Sucate has fast became a top trending topic and yet another famous blunder by the incumbent mayor. #Morattiquotes – satirical made-up statements by Ms. Moratti – had also been popular prior to the elections after, at the end of a live TV head to head, she had falsely accused her opponent Giuliano Pisapia (pic. left) of a criminal offence of stealing a vehicle in the past.
The current right wing Mayor is now under pressure after coming second in the election race on 15/16th May. She now risks losing her place in the second round of voting on Sunday. Her party head and PM Berlusconi himself had previously announced that the Milan elections would be a test of his party’s popularity and that to lose there would be “unthinkable”. He has been duly flooding news programmes with ‘video messagges’ about the risks of an “extreme left-wing” mayor and city council which he says would turn Milan into an “Islamic” city full of gypsies, and the dreaded “social centres” for the homeless etc….and mosques. His party was fined by the broadcasting authorities watchdog for broadcasting one video message at the same time over 5 national TV channels.

A faux-1960s style TV intermission of Sucate has also appeared on youtube, showing local landmarks such as the nursery school, public park and the legendary “mosque” …

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