Florence celebrates Dante

The newly restored statue of the best known Italian poet Dante Alighieri in front of Florence’s Santa Croce basilica was unveiled to the public yesterday, as part of Italy’s 150th anniversay celebrations. Local and national government representatives took part in the unveiling ceremony and later went on to inaugurate a new exhibition on the Sommo Poeta  “Dante vittorioso. Il mito di Dante nell’Ottocento” (Victorious Dante. The legend of Dante in the 19th Century).

The exhibition at the Biblioteca Nazionale, open until 31st July 2011, features a variety of works of art dedicated to the poet including paitings, engravings, sculputures, books etc. all representing Dante during the Ottocento. Throughout the duration of the exhibition there will also be a 7 hour video work Maratona infernale , featuring a contemporary visual representation of Dante’s Inferno.

Biblioteca Nazionale di Firenze
Piazza dei Cavalleggeri, 1 50122 Firenze
tel +39 055 24919 1

exhibition opening times:
Mon – Fri 10-12.30; 15.30-18.00
Sat.: 10-12.30
closed Sundays and holidays
free admission

web site (in Italian)
Dante Alighieri in wikipedia

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