An “Internazionale” weekend

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday sees the annual news, current affairs and cultural festival “Internazionale a Ferrara” take place in the north-eastern Italian city. Internazionale is an Italian news weekly which, as its name suggests, collects features, articles and reviews from the world’s press, all brought together in a single magazine, duly translated for domestic readers.

The annual festival is an intense three-day event bringing together contributors and guests – this year some 190 altogether – from 35 different countries. As well as holding discussions on current affairs, the festival also draws on film and video, art and photography, music and theatre for its 80 different events in various venues across the city. Among this year’s guests the Indian author Arundhati Roy in conversation with John Berger, Arab Spring protagonists Ziad Majed, Issandr el Amrani (The Arabist) and blogger Hossam el Hamalawy. Also of interest a debate on the new views on femminism with Spanish philosopher author Beatriz Preciado, British writer and campaigner Natasha Walter, andMichela Marzano, lecturer in philosophy at the University of Paris.

Internazionale chief editor Giovanni de Mauro (pic. Sara Rocutto)

Domestic issues are also featured, such as a discussion of the Genova G8 protests in 2001, together with “I giorni di Genova“, a theatrical presentation of the events of 10 years ago. Italian employment problems and global economic issues are also on the agenda. TED mini-lectures will also be presented and shown, and internet and web issues are also adressed with Evgeny Morozov, author of The Net Delusion and Chinese activist and blogger Michael Anti.

Three day journalism workshops are held during the weekend, held by David Randall(Il giornalista quasi perfetto!) of the Independent, and Pierre Hasky (Libération and The Guardian) among others.

Full guide and info here (in Italian).

You can also follow events on twitter via @Internazionale or the #Ferrara2011 hashtag.

Internazionale 2010 (pic. Internazionale/flickr)

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