Student killed in Trieste


A 23 year old student was crushed to death under a pop concert stage rigging yesterday in an indoor sports hall in Trieste.

20 year old Francesco Pinna was working on the rigging in preparation for a concert by Italian star Jovanotti when the structure collapsed.

The tragic incident was made worse by claims of co-workers that they were doing such a dangerous job for just “five euros an hour“, in an attempt to earn extra money to help with their studies. Trieste is home to one of Italy’s most prestigious universities.

The incident couldn’t have come at a worse time for Italy as so many less well off – students, pensioners, ordinary workers, – are called upon to ‘tighten their belts’ and make ‘sacrifices’ to get Italy out of the economic and financial crisis.  The young student was evidently involved in such a sacrifice, effectively risking his life for five euros an hour.

Mario Monti’s proposed new “Salva-Italia” budget measures have been widely criticised by the general public and resulted in a strike yesterday by three of the country’s main trade unions. Workers and pensioners are hardest hit, and there is little or no aid for job creation, or any real attempt to crackdown on Italy’s worst ailment, tax evasion. A much discussed ‘wealth tax’ (patrimoniale) failed to emerge. VAT (IVA) on the other hand is set to increase by a further two points in September 2012 and a property tax on first-home owners is to be re-introduced.

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