Panettone’s on the table..


Just to wish any regular or indeed any passing readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013.

I haven’t been blogging here of late as a lot of (other) stuff has been happening in my life (re-starting a university career for one thing) and to be honest not much of great interest has been happening in Italy, or perhaps it has and I just haven’t been aware of it.

Here’s the best Ital-English Christmas song ever: “Christmas with the Yours” by Elio & Le Storie Tese. The title is a direct translation of the Italian proverb “Natale con i tuoi..”, followed by “..Pasqua con chi vuoi..”, here comically rendered as something like “Easter’s what you want“. It’s a wonderful mix of Italian and English, in an entertaining attempt to render something very Italian in an American/English style, something Elio and friends are usually very good at.

So open up the panettone and spumante, enjoy the song and…AUGURI!

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