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Centre-left dominates in low turnout

Italy’s centre-left Partito Democratico are celebrating this week as they managed to win 16  out of  the 16 major mayorships at stake in ballots around the country this weekend, giving a welcome boost to Prime Minister Enrico Letta and strengthening … Continue reading

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“Italy in books” – reading challenge 2011

Italy for Beginners is pleased to receive news of the “Italy in Books” – reading challenge 2011, launched by Brighton Blogger in Book After Book. The aim of the challenge is to read at least 12 books that are set … Continue reading

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Chiuso per ferie

Although in more recent years Italians have take their holiday breaks earlier in the summer (after all the school holidays last from mid June to mid September!) August is still the traditional holiday month in Italy, and the majority will … Continue reading

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Mi scusi! : making your apologies

While I have always taught that in British English ‘excuse me‘ is used before disturbing a person and ‘sorry‘ after you have disturbed them, Italian “apologies” are a little more complex. Much will depend on the form of address, ie. … Continue reading

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Italian swear words. a quick guide (contains strong language!)

Further to Gianfranco Fini’s recent outburst of ‘stronzo’ (see post below) it might be useful to give a quick guide to a few commonly used swear words in Italy. Like most other things they may vary from region to region, … Continue reading

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How do I say ‘you’?

While English has long left it’s thee, thou and ye forms behind in Shakespeare and prayer books, in favour of a universal ‘you‘, Italian like many other European languages still retains an informal and formal, singular and plural code when … Continue reading

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Berlusconi loses legal immunity

Another tough blow for Italian Prime Minister (Presidente del Consiglio) Silvio Berlusconi as the Constitutional Court (corte costituzionale) yesterday declared the Lodo Alfano law as being against the Italian Constitution (anti-costituzionale). The cancellation of the law which effectively gave Berlusconi, … Continue reading

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